Welcome to magnificent Durmitor!

The mountain that narrates hundreds fairy Tales

View on Durmitor mountain range. Copyright by www.istankov.com
Numerous lakes on Durmitor masif, known as Mountain eyes

Half a century ago more than 50.000 hectares of the most beautiful part of Duritor and the Tara canyon was proclaimed the National park, protected by UNESCO.

Much earlier, King Nikola Petrović proclaimed the area around the Black Lake a King's forest preserve. King Nikola was the first official mountaineer of Durmitor, only that he overcome the steep climb to Savin kuk on horse.

The highest peak of Durmitor, as well as Montenegro - Bobotov Kuk

People of Durmitor area have numerous fairy Tales about this magnificent Mountain. By one: "A great hero Duke Momcilo used to ride his flying horse Jabucilo over the Durmitor".

During the creation of the Durmitor mountain range, the Creator was more than generous. But he did that beauty over high peaks, deep valleys, narrow canyons, icy caves and remote lakes. He placed magnificent Black Lake on an accessible terrace near town of Zabljak. Later on he carved out the moutain peeks Savin kuk and the Medjed over them. From these almost inaccessible peaks, the lakes seem infinitely more beautiful. Among lots of rocks and peaks stands out the Bobotov kuk, the highest peak of the Durmitor.

The second deepest kanyon of World -  Tara

Tara Canyon - who has never tried to raft on white waters of Tara, hasn't sensed a real touch of nature. Once upon a time people used to raft on real rafts made of wooden logs, what was more challenging. Tara canyon is deepest canyon in Europe and the second in the world. It is 78km long with maximum depth of 1300m. The longest river basin in Montenegro is Tara river basin, 141km. Tara springs in Kuci under the Kom mountain, on about 1850m above sea level. It is also known as the "Tear of Europe", because it represents the purest river in Europe. Tara canyon is also protected by UNESCO. The only intruder over the river is the bridge on Djurdjevica Tara, but it is such effectively built in the landscape, that it doesn't seem as a strange body. When the bridge was built, in 1940, with 366 meters of range and 156 meters of height above the river, it was the biggest road-bridge in Europe.

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