Photo Tours In Montenegro

Montenegro Painted with the Light

Probably you've wowed and sighed wandering this web site. Yes, that was our intention.

Probably you have noticed that all communication on Montenegro Travel Service is in third person.

Now we are addressing you directly!

This team consists of nature lovers - lovers of Montenegro and it's pure, unspoiled beauty. People that wandered vice-versa, day by day, on sunny, moody, rainy, snowy, hazy... days. We know almost all viewpoints.

We want to share the best of this small country with you and together paint it with the light.

Photo Tours run expert local photographer with extensive knowledge of the area. All photo locations are visited numerous times, before the tour. You don’t have to worry about getting to the “right place at the right time”. The tours are organized at a relaxed pace, with time for individual exploration.

Our tours are designed with love by professionals, for photographers - pro or amateur, and especially for all Nature loving tourists. They will also be pleased, because in our Montenegro Travel Service team we have nature lovers and freelancer photographers, who pleasure you to enjoy the most beautiful thing Montenegro offers – nature.

True photography lovers means - enjoy the best light of the day as the sun rises and sets. We will listen to your wishes.

With flexible schedule, we can adjust it to optimize photo opportunities. We are also able to access areas that ordinary tourist groups cannot. Traveling in a small group with like-minded people means that you can relax and totally indulge yourself in your photography.

Pro photographers have opportunity to find the best, picturesque spots and take the best photographs for their clients. Do not hesitate to contact us, we can provide support in gear!

Amateur, even if you are just stepped into Photography, we will instruct you. Our Team is will to help you learning the joy of photography. Beside instructions or tutoring, we carry our equipment, so you will be able to use pro photo equipment - Cameras, Lenses, tripods, flash lights...

This incredibly picturesque and colorful country represents one of the last disturbed areas in Europe. Whether touring a coastal region or the northern part of Montenegro, unspoiled nature will surely leave you breathless.

Actually, all photographs on this article are taken during our photo trips!

Contact us for more information and pricing.

Photo Tours In Montenegro

Photo Tours In Montenegro
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