Cetinje Monastery

Every Montenegrin will say: "Who didn't saw Cetinje, haven't been in Montenegro!" So don't miss to visit the most significant city in the history and culture of Montenegro and it's numerous monuments!!!

Excursion itinerary

If you want to know the different geographic regions and more than interesting history of Montenegro our agency is warmly recommending Montenegro tour. Do not miss the opportunity to explore the major cities and regions in history and culture of our country: Cetinje with its many monuments,Njegusi with its gastronomic specialties of Montenegrin cuisine, and to visit one of the most important monuments of history and culture of our country, Njegos Mausoleum at Lovcen.

The trip starts at 08.00h from Herceg-Novi, the journey continues in one of 25 most beautiful bays in the world Boka Kotorska. At 09.00h we arrive to the old coastal town of Perast where we make a 30 minutes break. After visiting Perast, we leave the coast and go towards the inner part of Montenegro to a completely different geographic entity. The road is leading us into the area of National Park Lovcen, a place of authentic and unspoiled natural beauty. Refreshments and light snack are planned in the small mountain village Njegusi located at 900m above sea level, and which at the same time has great historical significance because it is the birthplace of the ruler of the Petrovic dinasty - Petar II Petrovic Njegos.

After a snack at the restaurant we continue our journey to Lovcen Mausoleum where you’ll have 01.30h of free time for visiting the Njegos Mausoleum and enjoyment in one of the most beautiful views that you can experience in Montenegro.

After visiting the mausoleum we continue our tour toward the old Montenegrin capital Cetinje where we'll be around 14.00h. In your free time you can visit the Palace of King Nikola, which abounds with authenticity from the reign of the royal family, Cetinje Monastery which represents the lighthouse of the Montenegrin centuries old freedom struggle.

Return to Herceg Novi around 18.00h.

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Cetinje Monastery

Cetinje Monastery
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