Rock Climbing in Montenegro

Sports Climbing above the Adriatic Sea

Village Podi (Level V- midsize category)
Rock is located near quarry area near the village Podi. Rock is very small and good for those who want to try climbing. With level V falls in the category of medium demanding rock which requires basic experience and basic physical fitness.

Village Vratlo ( Level V-VII)
At village Vratlo there are two rocks with level medium demanding and medium hard. The first one is less demanding and it is good for beginners. The second one is more demanding with severe directions and difficulty level VII.

Multi-pitch Climbing (Level VI)
Rock is located in the village Bunovici and it is divided into equipped and unequipped parts. Multi-pitch climbing is possible on both sides of the rock and accessible for beginners in the equipped area and for those experienced ones in the unequipped area.

Rock climbing Montenegro - for every age
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