Adventure park in Montenegro

The Adventure Park is in Ivanova Korita, on the territory of the Lovćen National Park. It covers an area of two hectares, with 7 courses designed for sport and high adrenalin activities. Each course has 15 different games located at certain heights, and each course is designed with a range of age groups in mind, from 5 to 70. Every user of the park is given the necessary equipment (belt, helmet, gloves) for use on the courses, which are categorized according to difficulty.
Each course is designated by a color:

  • The yellow course is at a height of up to 1.5m and is intended for the youngest children;
  • The green course is for ages 10 to 70 and is at a height of 3.5m;
  • The blue course is for ages 15 and above and is at a height of up to 5m;
  • The red course is for ages 18 and above and is at a height of up to 12m;
  • The black course is for ages 18 and above and is at a height of up to 15m;
  • The competitive course is for ages 10 to 70 and is at a height of 3.5m.


Participants can have fun completing sporting activities and participating in exploration games, in which they will also need to answer questions relating to the way the game is played and the historical attractions of our country. The group is divided into two, of which one will spend two and a half hours using the Adventure Park sports courses, while during that time the other group takes part in exploration games. Once this time is up, the groups swap activities. Only the most successful and sporting participants after all the results have been added up will be awarded certificates for their proper and successful use of the park. The games
The exploration games consist of five games, or stations, where after each successfully completed game, participants will be asked questions. At the end, after all the games are completed and correct answers tallied, the best team in the group will be awarded with certificates. The games are:

  • Disc-Throwing
  • Tangled Spider-man Web
  • The Serving Game
  • The Knots Game
  • Seven Differences


Besides the acrobatic courses, the Adventure Park offers a variety of games which build team spirit and promote logical thinking, coupled with great fun.
Duel: Team Spirit Gives Strength Two teams face off on two parallel courses.
Balancing Boards and the Necessity of Teamwork.
With the aid of two parallel cables placed high up and three movable boards, two or three people have to try to navigate the obstacle.

Balance: Steady Team, Optimal Balance The whole team must preserve the equilibrium of a rocking platform for as long and as quickly as possible.
The Mystery Trail: Stay Together to Make Quick Progress
Players are attached to a sliding rope which they must follow through the woods. The rope is threaded over branches, through tunnels and over logs. Members of the team may be attached to one another, they may be blindfolded and may also be led by one person.
Blindfold Trail: Trust and Balance Two by two, participants must negotiate a medium-difficulty course, with one of the players blindfolded and the other leading him or her.
Tarzan Leap: Amazing Rush Guaranteed You will jump from a very high platform with the aim of grabbing on to Tarzan’s net.

Adventure park in Montenegro

Adventure park in Montenegro
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