New experience in Montenegro

First Via Ferrata in Montenegro. Safe and secure throughout the whole path.

The length of the ferrata is 180m. It starts 100m after the ‘Vodovod’ building, at the Škurda Canyon exit. Via Ferrata begins at an altitude of 70m and ends at 210m.

Climbers can experience a real feeling of alpine climbing, which is completely safe. No advanced skills nor knowledge is required for using Via Ferrata.

The system consists of 2-carabiners which are a part of the security belt of each participant as well as a safety helmet and protective gloves. Via Ferrata or an ‘iron road’, is a secured path along the rock which consists of a safety cable and safety wedges fixed in the rock, through which the cable is routed. Along the road there are metal stairs (metal step) as well, with which help all of the participants can easily and safely climb the rock.

Along Via Ferrata, there are two ‘take a brake’ benches, which offer an attractive view of the Bay of Kotor, as well as the San Giovani Fortress and the Old road that connected Montenegro of Old with the Bay of Kotor.

Via Ferrata is available year-round and ideal for the tourist season, as it presents a challenge for tourists as well as training for mountaineers. It is also available for all ages.

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New adventure

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