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Montenegro Travel Service is specialized for presentation of tourist potential and natural beauty of Montenegro to foreign market, organizing and selling packages through Montenegro, more than one day tours and excursions in all kind of attractive destinations in Montenegro, abroad country like Croatia, Bosnia, Albania and Balkan Peninsula. All packages can be customized or organized for individuals as well as for groups and can be adjusted to your wishes and preferences.

With a fantastic range of packages throughout Montenegro, we cover all areas and variety model of packages:

Adventure Travel Packages - check our multi day packages in Montenegro. Feel ‘Black Mountain ´ like adventure destinations. We offer a variety type of outdoor activities and programs.. So, it’s up to you to choose one of them..

Historical, sightseeing or other themes trips and events - for those who seriously want to learn about Montenegro as a destination, her culture, history, people, customs and Montenegrin way of live in past / today.

Wellness packages - Make a break from everyday life: choose the treatments you prefer and create your ideal wellness holiday packages in Montenegro. Start now to plan your exclusive offer: relaxing and beauty treatment, health care, body and mind balance. . Come discover the really convenient conditions of our wellness packages in Montenegro.

Wine & Gastronomy packages - custom tailored tours for lovers of food & wine. ...Feel Montenegro like gastronomic paradise. With mix of culture and cuisine, from Mediterranean to oriental, our gastronomy and wine packages is designed to meet the client's needs, tastes, preferences and desires for all senses.

Balkan tour packages - our Balkan tour packages are designed to allow you to experience Balkan cultures, take in the must-see sights, and make the most vivid memories. Between East and West Balkan peninsula with rich cultural heritage and stunning natural beauty combined with warm hospitality .From short day packages to big Balkan tour (aprox. 2 weeks) our packages gives you opportunity to really understand this amazing part of south Europe.

Individual travel - traveling independently but have all already secured and organized by a special agency offers and prices.

Incentives packages for groups - special benefits for the group travel through Montenegro.

Business travel - quickly, safely and comfortably finish the job without the additional stress.

Cruise packages - We offer world-renowned cruise companies programs, so you can spend a relaxing vacation, and your hotel is sailing with you.

So, if you planning a vacation to Montenegro, just simply explore Montenegro with our packages: multi-activity day packages, Montenegro sightseeing tours, adrenaline multi activity day tour, wine & gastronomy packages... or many more. Find the best deals and rates for your holiday package with Montenegro Travel Service.

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