National Park Lovcen is located in rocky region of Dinara Alps. Slopes of Mountain Lovcen steeply, rise from coastal region of Budva and west part of Cetinje. Park is bordered on South with highway Budva – Cetinje and on North with old Kotor road. “Black Mountain”, after which Montenegro got its name, rises to 1749 meters of altitude. Park is 6220 acres large. Office of the Park is at Cetinje. This region is witness of coming and flow of history from Illyrians, Romans to arrival of Slav Tribes.

Cetinje became stronghold of Christianity and capital of Montenegro never conquered by Turks. In 1885 relics of Petar II were moved to top of mountain Lovcen into al little church. During WWII Austrian soldiers destroyed the church and Prince’s body was for safekeeping relocated. New church was built at the same place and Prince’s relics were moved to it. Plan on building of mausoleum was approved and building started in 1951. Construction lasted 23 years and this building was open for public in 1974.

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