Montenegrin food


The distinctive taste of Montenegrin cuisine can be divided into Northern, Continental and Mediterranean.

A traditional from of cooking is "ispod sača"- 'under the coals' - in a pot known as a sac - where food is cooked in steam of own aroma.

Northern Montenegro

The northern area features forests berries, blueberries, raspberries and strawberries, also herbal teas and wild mushrooms. Food in this area is prepared with sour cream (kajmak), yoghurt and both cow's and sheep's cheese.

Dinstinctive diary product of this area is "kajmak" (pronouced as kaymack). This diary product generally is after cooking the milk, milk fat is collected and salted. The product is not treated with reneet, making texture of pure milk creamy taste. The best comes from Trsa, the highest pastures of Durmitor, where milk is naturally flavored with wild herbs,

Other Dishes include stewed sauerkraut, lamb cooked in milk, peppers in kajmak and Durmitor steak.

Central Montenegro

The continental area, uses a lot of fish from Skadar Lake, especially carp, trout and eel. Fish is smoked, fried and in salad.

They prepare smoked ham, cheese in olive oil, sausages and smoked mutton ham. Around Podgorica they stuff cabbage leaves with minced meat and rice, and carp with risotto and dried plums.

Speciality of this region is "Kačamak" - mushy, strong dish that is made from wheat, buckwheat, barley, or corn flour and served with cheese and sour milk. You could find this speciality in national cousine restaurnants. Variety of Kačamak comes wiht Kaymak and Honey. Beware, it is Energy bomb! :)

Coastal Area

The holy trinity of coastal area is wine, fish and olive oil.

The Pure Olive oil from Montenegro is produced by cantury old technologies. Probably you will find this oil bit spicy, and sometimes not pure clean - like oils that were produced in past centuries. One of must see attractions of Ulcinj, Bar and Luštica peninsula are old stone olive oil mills.

Fish - has to swim three times: in the Sea, the Oil, and the Wine (inside your stomach). Fish is prepared in numerous ways: grilled, cooked, smoked, salted... Do not get hooked on Salted anchovy - you will like character in tale of two goodfather's tell to waterstream that in not enough to water you.

The best blend of Adriatic tastes you will feel from Brodet - cooked fish dish, served by locals.

Beside fish, locals prepare dishes of vegetables as: asparagus, leeks, fennel and nettles.

Montenegrin drinks


Montenegrin vines

Central part of Montenegro, valley of Zeta river and banks of Skadarsko jezero, especialy Crmnica region are major wineyards of Montenegro.

The major dinstinct of this area are hot dry summers with a lot of sun producing special taste of both red and white vines. The most known winery is "Plantaže", with 2310 ha in one vineyard ! (the largest one-piece wineyard in Europe!). The most known wines are:


- A powerfull and robust southern wine, made of autochtonus variety Vranac which had been grown for centuries in Crmnica, region streching from Lake Skadar towards Adriatic coast, at the altitude of 500m. Today it's Brand-name of Montenegrin vinery

Vranac Pro Corde

- Premium dry wine of the controlled origin. Unique technological process of production enriches its buque in natural way with additional contents of poanthocyanidols and tannins - having beneficial effect on human body

Chardonnay Barrique

- A variety of Chardonnay mached with oak


- Premium red wine of controlled origin and qualitity, preserving the best properties of Merlot variety grown on Ćemovsko field. Wine is dark rubby color, ballanced bouquet and fullness.


- Elegant dry wine, rose-colored with the reflection of the crytaline limpdity. Made of the red grapes by technology of white wines that intesify luxurious aroma of grape.


The brandy is real national drink, universal mark of Montenegrin hospitality and a great source of goodwil by Hosts. This short drink is produced of white grapes, having great taste and high alcohol value (up to 55%!)

The slightly upmarket version is Kruna, distilled in copper stills fired with vine twigs and wood, and the Podgorica variety is called Crnogorski Prvijenac.



Dated from 1896 the brewery of Nikšić produce several brends of beer with the best known "Nikšićko". It is pilsner beer with 5% of alc, with specific taste served chilled down to 5C, making the best refreshment during long hot summer days.

Resonable, lighter version is

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