Mostar cityscape

Tour summary

Type: Scenic drive, nature, historic
Length: 9 hours
Walking: Medium
Guide: Licensed guide
Language: English, Russian (other languages on request)

Mostar is the town where the north meets the south and the west meets the east; town where Neretva River divides a cultures and religions over the centuries, where the differences and contrasts can be seen on each corner.

The town was developed on the basis of a small antique settlement, the bridge, its towers and today’s oldest parts of Mostar were build by the Turks during Ottoman empire. A fortified settlement connected with bridge across the Neretva River was first described and documented in the 15th century.

Mostar was named after its bridge (Turkish word "most" = bridge) and two fortified towers on its sides known as "Bridge keepers" (Mostari) Helebija and Tara. The old bridge (“Stari Most”) was a true miracle of architecture of its time, today the bridge dominates above Neretva River from a height of twenty four meters, it is a four meters wide and thirty meters long. The arch of the bridge was made of local stone known as "Tenelija".

Excursion itinerary

Departing from Herceg Novi in the early morning hours, through the border crossing Sitnica come down Zubacke Uble to Trebinje and monasteries Tvrdos. (Visit the monastery). We go to Stolac over Popov fields, pass through Mrkonjic, the village where Sv.Vasilije Ostroski was born (on the basis of his gender was built church Sv.Vasilije Tvrdoskog and Ostrog, near the native home is the church of St. Nikolai in which the saint baptized and in whose cemetery rests Sv.Ane, mother Sv.Vasilije). Continue the path to Stolac, passing through the street that divides the town chair belonging to the Republika srpska and the part that belongs to the Federation. Moving towards Pocitelj, known as the town fortress (sightseeing and coffee breaks). From Pocitelj time leads us to the place Ljubuski, place Studenci, waterfalls on the river Trebizat Kravice. Over Capljina go to Mostar, a tour the old town and the famous bridge, going to the mall, shopping and break to lunch.

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Mostar Old Bridge
Mostar Casabah
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