Hiking in Montenegro

Montenegro, still unexploited, with beautiful coastline, spectacular landscape, scartered valleys and rugged and impressive mountains is a newly discovered by tourists - nature lovers, hikers - exciting hike and trekking destination.

The Dinaric Alps are the main mountain range, shared with several neighboring countries. You will find rugged limestone peaks rising steeply up to over 2000m, high grassy meadows and forests of beech and pine, glacial lakes… Hiking in Montenegro present an opportunity to walk through outstandingly beautiful and remarkably unspoiled natural scenery, which as yet sees non so much tourist, visitors or nature lovers.

There are marked trails in all coastal and mountain areas covered with detailed maps, both printed and for GPS devices.

Approach on some marked trails is possible with public transportation, but on some can be hard to come by. A reasonable level of stamina is assumed for all walkers, off course. A season is from April/ May till then September/ October and depends of weather conditions (mountains have moderate summer temperatures and abundant snowfall in winter).

Although the beautiful mountains of Montenegro tend to be cruel ... despite today's modern technology and GPS devices, publications and hiking guides, we recommend a licensed local mountain guide, because these are the people who know the landscape and guaranty for your safety...

Hiking destinations in Montenegro

Offer of Montenegro mountains for hike is great. Moving in order from south to north, there are: Rumija, Lovcen, Subra and Orjen (famous coastal transversal) with rich historic and cultural heritage acquired through the ages. Then go Skadar Lake with over 500 or more plants and animal species and also a huge legacy in monuments, castles and monasteries. Continue over Prokletija and Komovi, which abound in the rocks relative height of 700m, followed Moracke mountains with similar rocks and neighborhood with an outstanding ski fields, and at the end of the Durmitor and Sinjajevina that knows a lot, but where there is still a lot to show.

All of these ranges are conglomerate canyon: Tara - one of the most beautiful in Europe, Nevidio the last conquered in Europe, Mrtvica deepest in Europe, etc. The Durmitor massif is bordered to the canyons of Piva, Tara and Komarnica and there are canyons: Susice, Bukovica, White and Pridvorice then interesting and practically unexplored canyon Skudra, which is located along the fortress walls of the old city of Kotor and then canyon pipe.

All of these mountain ranges are rich glacial lakes, centennial forests and mountain streams. Many places are fantastic mountain resort for mass tourism, when it comes to the valley and the lake at all valleys in those mountains. Unlike most of the valley peaks, except Bjelasica, Ljubišnja, and Sinjajevina and in some mountains in the southern part of Montenegro, require good hiking and mountaineering experience.

Experience something new - Montenegro as a pedestrian and hiking destination. Curious? Just join us!

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Hiking in Montenegro

Hiking in Montenegro

Hiking in Montenegro
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